West Ottawa Soccer Club is the premier soccer club in the region. We set ourselves apart by our outstanding coaches and programs. Hear what others have to say:

Wee Warriors

The quality of coaching, volunteers and the overall ease of communication and information has been amazing!

Laura-Lee Brenneman

U6 Wee Warriors


Our family continues to participate in the WOSC program due to the quality of it. The Recreational leagues are run very well and the scheduling system that is used allows us to easy plan our time on the field.

Every year we are impressed by the dedication of the coaches and other volunteers who work extremely hard to provide our daughters with a great time both on and off the field.

Brian Johnson



I chose WOSC because I believe in the leadership of the technical leader and applaud her commitment to implementing LTPD as well as living the Principles of True Sport. It’s important for me that my children have a safe, respectful and positive learning environment and I believe that WOSC is trying to create this kind of experience for its members.

Dina Laroche



They develop and teach the principles and importance of team building and togetherness.

Daniel Alexis



The West Ottawa Showcase team gives me the opportunity to develop as a player and a person with an amazing team and coach. Over the past year I have been exposed to many scouts and have been given the tools to build relationships with the university coaches and attract positive attention to myself. I enjoy the high demands that my coach, Russell, has for me and for the team and the fast-paced quality possession-style soccer he has us play.

With extra resources that I have had access to with this showcase program, such as workout plans and having the opportunity to talk with university players who have gone through the scouting process, I feel as though I am stronger and more prepared than ever to continue my journey of finding a university for me.

The team environment is very friendly and fun yet committed and serious when it needs to be. Playing against top quality competition at showcases and in the Women’s Premier league, because of the success the WOSC showcase team has had over the past couple years, has been a huge factor in my development and I’m very excited for the upcoming season!

Abigail Steen

Showcase & OPDL Player


I live in Quebec so it takes me approximately 30 to 40 minutes to get to the dome in the fall/winter to play – depending on the weather and the traffic. There is a Quebec league that I can play in and there is also the league at the RA Centre but I choose to play with the WOSC for a few reasons.

The league has divisions by age (30+ / 40+). Within the 30+, there are 3 further divisions, A, B and C. WOSC places the teams in the divisions that they should be in. Personally, I prefer to play a team that is at my skill level. The Quebec league and the RA Centre does not do this and so it’s frustrating to play in those types of games. And finally, I love the women I have met and play with. I can’t imagine playing anywhere else they weren’t. Nelly Coutinho

Nelly Coutinho

Adult Player


My name is Nathan Frans and I played at wosc from the birth of the club until I was scouted to join Toronto FC Academy in February of 2017. I had a very good experience at the club and it helped me get to where I am today. It is a very good environment for young players in Ottawa to improve their skills. Playing OPDL was very beneficial for me. I was able to face against much tougher opposition then I ever could playing against local teams. Playing in this league gave me the opportunity to make Team Ontario were me and some of my teammates were selected to play for. I can’t say enough about my goalkeeper coach while I was at the club Andrei Badescu. He went above and beyond to help me with my development and I will always be thankful for that. I would not be where I am today without him.

Nathan Frans

Goalkeeper Alumni